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Edward the Black Prince

Edward the Black Prince Edward was the son of Edward III. Both were in Southampton in 1346 on route to fight the French at Crecy. The Prince died in 1376 and Prince Edward Tower was built around 1400. It is also known as Catchcold Tower and is an early example of a tower with keyhole […]

Empire Flying Boats

Empire Flying Boats In 1923 the British Marine Air Navigation Company was formed with its base at Woolston. In 1924 the company was amalgamated into Imperial Airways which was government backed. Empire Flying Boats had their base in Southampton till 1929. In 1935 activity began again, this time with a base at Hythe. The government […]

English Street

English Street Following the Norman Conquest of 1066 the town was split into distinct parts. The Normans took the desirable West with their houses fronting the water. The conquered Saxons had the East side of town. This division was shown in the use of French Street and English Street as road names. The latter is […]

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