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Stoneham Church (one hand clock)

Stoneham Church (one hand clock) is just outside the city boundary. It is dedicated to St. Nicholas the Patron Saint of seamen and is famous for its unusual one hand clock. This reminds us that time was once only measured in hours and it dates from the 1400’s.

The church stands on the eastern edge of the once great Stoneham Estate which was first mentioned in 855.

On the dissolution of the monasteries (Henry VIII) the land was given to the Earls of Southampton. They sold it to Sir Thomas Fleming in the late 1500’s. He was Solicitor General during the reign of Elizabeth I and in 1607 became Lord Chief Justice of England. On his death in 1613 he was buried in the church.

Later Flemings supported Cromwell and in the 1700’s became M.P. for Southampton. The Fleming shield with its owls can be seen on the Bargate.

The Flemings moved to Chilworth Manor around 1900.

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