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Old Bonded Warehouse

The Old Bonded Warehouse was outside the Town Walls before 1795. It was clearly designed with a planned canal in mind. Originally a flight of steps ran down from the building to the proposed canal with a recess in which barges could be loaded. The canal scheme collapsed in 1808.

Why the warehouse resembles a Swiss Chalet is not known. The Old Bond Store is considered to have strong cultural, illustrative and aesthetic values as it represents a lost building type for Southampton where such stores were once commonplace.

A lease from 1820 indicates it was used as a builder’s store. An 1868 map shows the nearby Eastern Town Walls had been pulled down.

That map also states its purpose as a malt house, possibly for the nearby Coopers Ales Brewery.

It overlooks All Saints Church Graveyard which is today the site of a multi-storey car park.

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