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Railway Terminus Station

Railway Terminus Station Stagecoach travel was very popular in the early 19th century. However, it slowly declined with the coming of railways. The London and South Western Railway arrived with the line reaching the newly opened Terminus Station in 1840. It was designed by Sir William Tite and was busy with the Atlantic passenger trade. […]

The Red Lion

The Red Lion The Red Lion pub started life as a medieval merchant’s house and still retains its 14th century vaults. The central area is a 15th century open hall called Henry V’s Court Room. In his play, Shakespeare sets the 1415 trial of the conspirators against Henry V here but it is more likely […]


Romans In A.D. 43 the Emperor Claudius set out to conquer Britain. A legion commanded by Vespasian moved west from Kent and soon the port of Clausentum was established. Some scant remains can still be found in the Bitterne Manor area. Traces of Roman roads to Winchester and Chichester have been discovered as has an […]


Rosas General Rosas was born in Buenos Aires in 1793. In 1810 independence was declared from Spanish rule and the name Argentina was first used in 1826. Rosas was Governor of Buenos Aires from 1829-31 and again in 1835.Whoever controlled the capital in effect controlled the nation. He offered to renounce all claims to the […]

RMS Carpathia

RMS Carpathia Back to A-Z index The RMS Carpathia was a steamship built in Newcastle upon Tyne by Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson. She made her maiden voyage from Liverpool in 1903 and ran the Cunard service from New York to a number of the Mediterranean ports. The Carpathia was sailing from New York on […]

Richard Lyster

Richard Lyster Sir Richard Lyster was Judge and the Lord Chief Justice of England during the reign of Henry VIII and Chief Baron of the King’s Exchequer from 1546-1552. He married Isabel, the widow of Sir John Dawtrey (collector of customs under Henry VII) and lived with her in the building which is now known […]

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