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Football – The Saints

Football – The Saints Southampton F.C. can trace their roots back to 1885. The nickname ‘Saints’ comes from its formation as a church football team. They were founded as St Mary’s Church of England Young Men’s Association (St Mary’s Y.M.A). The team has since played in red and white shirts. Away colours are blue or […]

French Raid

French Raid In 1337 the Hundred Years War with France began. On 4th October 1338, 50 ships of French, Genoese and Sicilians arrived. As the South and West of the town was not walled they landed around the bottom of Bugle Street. The town and its silver were looted and those citizens who took refuge […]


Friary In about 1224 a group of Friars Minor who followed the teachings of St. Francis of Assisi came to the town.The Franciscan Friars were also called Greyfriars because of the colour of their robes. They lived a humble life. They settled in the poorer part of the town near God’s house hospice. When completed […]

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