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Invasion – D Day

Invasion – D Day Southampton had a vital role in the WWII D Day preparations with two thirds of the initial British Assault Force leaving from here. Southampton became Military Area C with the town, in effect, sealed off to civilians. The trees on either side of the Avenue were allowed to grow over forming […]

Charles Dibden

Charles Dibden Born in 1745 and baptised in Holy Rood, Charles Dibden was a choirboy at Winchester Cathedral he then worked in a London music shop. He wrote sea songs and was well known in Georgian England. His shanties were used as an aid to recruitment in the Napoleonic Wars. He is misquoted for saying […]


Disease Southampton’s leprosy hospital dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene (said to have changed into Marlands) was situated near the present Civic Centre. Leprosy died out in this country and our last warden of the hospital was pensioned off in the 1420’s. There is information about leprosy on the corner of Watt’s Park opposite the James […]

Dolphin Hotel

Dolphin Hotel The original building dates from the early 1400’s and its cellars are medieval vaults. During the late 18th century Southampton became a popular spa town. The Dolphin was rebuilt in 1775 to accommodate more visitors. Its bay windows are said to have been the largest in England at that time. Jane Austen lived […]

Dock Strike of 1890

Dock Strike of 1890 In September 1890 dock workers in Southampton were on strike seeking agreement for union labour only to be employed in the docks and for agreement on wages. Their demands were not met and they had to concede and return to work only to find that the Royal Mail Steam Packet Co […]

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